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Knee and hip pain can severely limit your lifestyle making it difficult to stand and walk, thus affecting everyday activities such as walking around at work, shopping, household chores and exercise. If left untreated it can eventually lead to problems in other areas of the body including lower back pain. These joints are quite complex and pain may be caused by several different factors.

Knee and Hip Pain Causes:

  • 'Flat Feet' - rolling in of the ankles.
  • Altered walking pattern due to a problem with the feet.
  • One leg shorter than the other.
  • Muscle imbalance, including tighter than normal muscles (eg calf).
  • Joint restriction in the foot, ankle, knee, kneecap, hip, pelvis, lower back etc.
  • Arthritis - It is important to note that it is impossible to make the diagnosis of arthritis without x-rays and even if arthritis is confirmed chiropractic has been proven to help.

For a treatment to be successful it is critical that the practitioner get the diagnosis right.

Initially, it is important to put ice, not heat (with a tea towel or something similar between you and the ice pack), and then seek advice from a chiropractor.  With in depth training in lower limb biomechanics (including orthotics), we are the ideal place to help solve your knee and hip pains.  The treatment could be manipulation, work on the muscle, orthotics, rehabilitative exercises or dry needling (a form of acupuncture).

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Want To Improve Your Neck Function?

Having a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health. The pillow you use should support your neck in as neutral a position as possible whether you’re on your side or your back. Modern contoured pillows are ideal as they will support you in either position. You need one which keeps your neck supported when you’re comfortable, so a bit of measurement, and trial and error is usually the way forward!

Posted: 17/03/2019
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