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Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

This therapy can work as a standalone therapy or alongside your current treatment. Sport Massage provides a wide range of treatments to relieve pain, promote relaxation and restore movement. Sports Massage at the Clinic is provided BenTolson, who has successfully treated many patients over the years from office workers suffering with repetitive strain injury and back pain to amateur and professional athletes with sporting injuries. I use the terms sports, remedial and deep tissue massage therapy to describe manual therapy techniques to try to “remedy” a problem. My advanced knowledge of anatomy and injuries helps to address problems quickly. Treatment will look to address the biomechanical source of discomfort, rather than the area of pain alone. 

About Ben

With a range of skills I can choose the exact combination from my expertise to suit each patients precise requirements. I ensure that each patient gets the appropriate treatment for the fastest recovery choosing from acupuncture, massage, spinal manipulation and the correct advice and aftercare. With over 9 years of experience I have trained with some of the best practitioners in their field from Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Acupuncturists. During that time I have successfully treated many patients with a variety of conditions using an integrative approach to achieve this including

  • Acupuncture- for musculoskeletal and energetic imbalances
  • Spinal manipulation- for joint and spinal pain eg back pain
  • Sports Massage- Targeting Injuries and stubborn muscles
  • Muscle Energy Techniques-Restoring normal tone in muscles and strengthening weak muscles
  • Mobilisation- to increase joint mobility
  • Kineseo Taping- Restoring normal muscle balance
  • Advice and Aftercare – helping you help yourself

£40 for an hour

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Healthcare Tip

Want To Improve Your Neck Function?

Having a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health. The pillow you use should support your neck in as neutral a position as possible whether you’re on your side or your back. Modern contoured pillows are ideal as they will support you in either position. You need one which keeps your neck supported when you’re comfortable, so a bit of measurement, and trial and error is usually the way forward!

Posted: 17/03/2019
By: Ben