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Janey Barrett


The principle philosophy behind Janey's work, is founded on bringing the body and mind back to a state of equilibrium; thereby restoring optimum health and vitality. By keeping ourselves emotionally and physically balanced, we are helping to keep common dysfunctions at bay; and can often greatly assist with more specific conditions.

Drawing on her 20 plus years experience in Hong-Kong, Australia, London, and now Bristol, Janey focuses on the various effects of stress, and the inextricable link between the body and the mind; working as both Reflexologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She treats people with a wide-range of conditions which are often related to stress, such as IBS, Insomnia, confidence and Unexplained infertility. 

Reflexology works at tackling the physiological side effects of stress, distress, and the impact of the 'fight or flight' response on our bodies. It facilitates our body curing itself,'triggering the inner doctor' by creating a feeling of calm, and allowing the body to return to a state of equilibrium.

Clinical Hypnotherapy ensures that the origins of stress are fully addressed, increasing the long term chances of success. Whilst in a state of pure relaxation, the sub-conscious mind, is more open to the positive suggestion of change, and can help tackle a variety of issues in a short period of time. The key to unleashing our potential, changing our unwanted habits or behaviour and finding solutions to our problems and concerns, lies in our sub-conscious.

Janey offers Reflexology and Hypnotherapy as separate treatments, and can also tailor make packages when suitable, incorporating both to suit individual requirements.

'Janey is extremely warm, friendly and professional, with a real interest in what I had to say, which put me at ease and allowed me to relax during the Hypnotherapy. I feel much calmer and more balanced, happier in myself and feel optimistic in my approach towards a healthier me'. 
V. Midwife/Mother

'Janey brings such a warm approach to her therapy combined with a deep knowledge of the body, to identify what needs attention. Her Reflexology is deeply relaxing whilst invigorating at the same time. Janey provides a thoughtful consultation to encourage personal awareness of what your body needs and how we can look after ourselves'. Becs. Pilates Instructor


1 hour: £45
45 mins £35

1 hour: £60
90 mins: £80

Special packages blending treatments may be created when suitable.

Phone Janey directly on 07855330527 to make discuss further or make an appointment; or visit for more info.

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First consultation and
examination only £15.00

Normally £38

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