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Robert Clarke

TREATMENTS: Naturopathy, Nutrition, Swedish Massage & Reiki

Robert is Bristol born but widely travelled, having most recently returned from a decade’s spell, practising in Stockholm, Sweden.

He employs a multi-disciplinary approach, graduating from the College of Natural Nutrition, Exeter in 2001 with distinction, under the auspices of Principle Barbara Wren.

Using nutrition, Herbal lore, cleansing techniques, hydration and counselling, Robert has worked with many conditions.

Adding Classic Swedish massage, which is a thoroughly therapeutic feel-good experience whilst utilising the movement of lymph in the body work, to his practice he is even better positioned to bring an entirely holistic approach to all matters of health and the body.

Also obtaining a Reiki qualification Robert is engaging with this healing-hands technique through the transfer of curative energy from himself to his patient.

Ultimately Robert’s principle philosophy is ala Hippocrates: “Heal thyself”

The ability to heal ourselves naturally is always possible, the body never works against us, it doesn’t know how. Therefore we gently assist the body and mind towards their perpetual destiny of good health.


Naturopathic Consultation with prescription:
1 hour £40
Swedish massage:
1 hour £40
1 hour £38

To book an appointment with Robert or to discuss further:
Telephone: 0117 3070379 or 07939 488841
For more information please visit his website:

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Posted: 11/04/2019
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